To Whom It May Concern: Dear Old People

Dear Old People:

I’m tired of you older generations looking down on us. I’m tired of you having so much to say about the ethics of us younger generations. I’m tired of you judging and condescending. We are one in the same, no matter the age difference. We’re adults.

In my country, the British Virgin Islands, it seems to be a “thing” where if the younger generations are living their lives how they see it fit, the older population would then say we aren’t “living life the right way” or we’re “spoiling ourselves”. I can relate to this personally and it pains my cranium that it came from someone who I “thought” understood and cared genuinely.

Of course we all have had those instances where we have made decisions in the moment, and thought it was the best at the time. Then there was that one person who tells you otherwise but because you are so sure of yourself (and not being stubborn) you defy them. It’s not because you can’t accept advice or wisdom. It’s because, for your life it was the right decision at that time.

They can’t grasp this!

It’s not complicated.We are all individuals. We all think differently. React differently. Behave differently. Have different goals. The bottom line. We’re different. Your parents can try to raise you and your siblings the same but you will all be different people in the outcome.

What I believe is,

If our parents taught us right from wrong, and gave us the tools we need to survive life confidently and successfully, then any decision we make on our own at this point, should be taken as a learning process for US! We understand that you have been there. We get that you know what it’s like (rolls eyes; you don’t). But we need to make these steps on our own and find ourselves as souls.  

It’s a different age for us now. With technology advancing, cyber bullying, cultural appropriation, hate crimes, crimes against children; you cannot say you know what it’s like living in this generation. Your times were simpler. You had no internet. You used cordless, landline looking, boxes as cellular phones. Like come on. We’re at the forefront of it all and we are “supposed” to be the ones to pave the way to a better and brighter future. Sure.

You don’t support us. You’re just out for you. #Fax

You would quicker look at a young man and say “oh he’s just roaming the streets with nothing to do”. Because you aren’t finding it constructive to offer that young man a job? Cool. Now we know it’s better to talk poorly about another human individual. Who has feelings. And a life they are trying to piece together.

Yes, we know you talk about the younger generation and make us seem unambitious and uninspired but we would like you to know we have some of the GREATEST minds among us. We are born to do great things and you will not deter us. Sadly, your slander makes it hard for us to find employment, or gain respect and it also degrades us as if we have no parental training or a sense of understanding but we assure you, we are fully aware and capable of doing the actual work you claim to be doing.

Our government system could be better. Our education systems could be better. Health care needs to be better. We need our youths and young adults to be taken seriously and given REAL opportunities to build CAREERS and not just HAVE JOBS. There is a major difference.

This is coming from the minds of many.


A Young Adult


Love and Light.



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