The Journey…

I never thought that sharing your journey about who you are and where you came from would mean much. Boy was I wrong. I was sitting in my employment office, just chatting with one of my co-workers and of course my usual round of questions sparked a learning discussion. While talking about our blogs, the passion we have for writing and some of the woes of being content creators in terms of writer’s block, I shared with her that there is so much content that I wanted to produce for my readers but because of where I am in my life, I wanted to wait until I achieved something major to then share. In her African accent she schooled my young self. She said “why wait for a milestone to blog about it, when the journey is so much more interesting?”. She then said “there are some people who are open and willing to sharing much of their lives and some who aren’t, but good content shows the grit of the struggles and the successes”. Of course these aren’t her exact words but they are the essence of what she was trying to bring across lol.

Her insight, opened my eyes to the fact that I was almost about to let myself sway into the trend of appearing put together, to appeal to the masses for likability rather than just being who I am and being transparent with myself and with my readers. I want to be organic. I want people to appreciate who I am and what I offer on their own terms.

I admit to having those days browsing social media and seeing someone totally random (I live for the Explore page on Instagram lol) flaunt new purchases or traveling or showcasing new career opportunities and I think to myself “how the f*** did these people get where they are!?” I wanted to know the secret to their “success”. That’s when I also think  that there are some people who have never struggled a day in their life and they take ownership of opportunities that were handed to them. Then I, for some reason, go into an analytical phase where I assess every possible cause and effect for other people’s achievements or gains. Then after all my brain exhaustion, I realize I simply don’t care! LOL! Not to be a total meanie but their lives aren’t mine. They aren’t going through what I’m going through and I most definitely cannot relate to their lifestyles. Which is why it hit home for me, that really digging deep and being real with myself and others about what I have and where I came from is not technically important but there could be someone out there, not being real about their life because they are watching other people flaunt “fake realities”, who could look to me for inspiration or encouragement.

I basically rambled to say I have a lot in store for you guys and I want you to be with me as I share my experiences. I want to share with you the things I dream of doing, but not in an oversharing type way, but more so chronicling the journey from dream to reality.

She was on a path…a journey….it was just her but she knew deep down she wasn’t alone.

Love and Light.


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