Staying Motivated

Finding motivation can be the easiest thing a person does. You can look at a fitness guru and say they are your fitness inspiration which then leads to their physique being your motivation to get yourself together but should we rely on external motivators?

It’s so important for us to remain motivated by ourselves, for ourselves because we become too dependent on other people to give us that extra push we think we may need. As such we become complacent with ourselves because we think we can’t do it on our own.

Personally, it takes complete focus and constant affirmation to keep me motivated. For example, my laptop spent almost 3 weeks in repairs as such I was unable to post content but I used that time to spend an hour a day to sit and brainstorm my content for when time came to collect my laptop. I believe in mentally visualizing my goals, literally writing them down so that I can physically visualize them and then actually following through with what I want accomplished in my life.

Once I’ve set out a game plan for myself, that is when I spend time doing rather than thinking about doing or saying I’m going to do. As a Virgo, I over-analyze everything and I realized I get more caught up in thinking about all the things I could be doing rather than actually doing something. I’ve learned, from self observation and introspection, that I personally don’t get anything done by saying or wishing things to be done.

Overcoming any obstacle is approaching it without fear or second guessing.

I’ve learned that motivation is key to staying focused and ambitious in life. I know that if I want to accomplish anything for myself and for my young family, I would have to really buck up and be a doer versus just being a thinker. Because of this, I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone where I face the things I think I won’t or can’t do and actually get them done.

There are a lot of external factors that would try to sway us from what we believe and what we want, but I’ve also learned that just as you NEED to be a positive motivator for yourself, you also need to reinforce that with positive, external motivators. Don’t get me wrong, self-reliance is awesome and it shows true strength and independence but those same attributes can still manifest with an outside source of motivation. If I have to choose an external motivator it would have to be my daughter. Having a child at a young age has put a lot into perspective for me. I’ve realized that I can’t waste money on frivolous things because I have a mouth besides my own to feed. She motivates me to be a constant role model for her. I want her to see my determination and drive to succeed and establish a secure and stable life. I want her to see me live a happy and fulfilled life doing the things [that] I am passionate about. But I am not ONLY doing this for her sake, I am doing it for myself. I owe it to myself to be the best person and mother I can be and in turn I can support those beliefs by actually aiming to be the best person and mother everyday.

Getting motivated is easy. Staying motivated is the hard part.

I honestly believe that if anyone wants to live a fulfilling and goal-oriented life, self-motivation is the first step. External motivation is just reinforcement of what you belief and hope to obtain. Being a motivated person builds a better you in the long run. It keeps you pumped and ready to either take on any new tasks assigned to you or any tasks you assign to yourself. It keeps you grounded and realistic about your priorities and it gives you clear cut direction on how you should approach your own life.

I don’t know if they would be of any help but here are somethings that I do to get motivated and stay motivated.

  1. Meditation:

    This is basically you consciously exercising your mind and programming yourself to think and feel a certain way about life. This is the beginning step to finding motivation. Internally visualizing your goals (long term or short term) and how you want to approach them.

  2. Listing:

    This is writing down the things you want and how you plan to achieve them. Simple and straightforward enough.

  3. Planning: 

    This is where you go more in depth, and you plot every move you make down to the letter, so that you can have a road map to your success that will always be there for you to consult with.

  4. Just do it (according to Nike): 

    honestly this is the catchiest and most profound slogan to live by lol. Whatever you have decided to do with the life you live, don’t just think it or list it or plan it, actually get up, get out and do it!

Of course these are all things that are easier said than done. But our mindsets are the deciding factors of us practicing “mind over matter”.

I always tell myself that if I want to be great and do great things, I cannot afford to just settle. I refuse to settle; and because of this I have consciously begun making the effort to be more motivated for my family but for myself more importantly.

Life is too short to not live it and not live it to the fullest.

Love and Light.


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