As I embark on the changes taking place in my life, I have learned a few things. For one, change is the only constant in life, two, no matter how hard we try to keep up with change we can’t and three, in a world of relentless change we must remain grounded within ourselves. In all honesty, it was my intent to create this blog so that I can share my words freely with you. Paint pictures for your mind’s eye. Awaken you to an honest reality that only time and experience has granted me but this is also another way for me to connect, interact and find myself. I am most definitely not perfect but my aim is to be so conscious of myself, I scare myself. Weird, I know. But what better way to be than fully aware of who you are and what you’re about; so aware [that] you may threaten others and their interpretation of what they think life is… but I want to be uncomfortable in that sense. And I want others to be uncomfortable too; uncomfortable with the farce that is becoming life in general.

Change is a crucial component in life though and it has been proven time and time again that we won’t evolve if we don’t. Throughout life we see the effects of change taking place. Babies being born, elderly folk dying; plants blooming in the spring but dying in the winter; televisions with boxes at the back to flat-screens; cellular phones with antennas to now wireless sharing. It’s hard to keep track of it all, harder to keep up even. Just when you think you have a grip of reality and yourself, something…changes.

It can all seem surreal, fast-tracked and unhinging but my advice? Stay true to who you are and who you want to become. Yeah, yeah, I know the cliched “stay true to who you are” , but you can never say it’s a bad piece of advice. Even though we live in a world where the “fake” claim to be “real” and the “real” don’t know who the “real” are, we must look beyond what everyone else is doing. We must look beyond what everyone is saying and only focus on our own inner voices leading us down our own INDIVIDUAL paths.

It’s hard and at times it may seem impossible but it’s not so much what we’re willing to do to make things happen but how far we’re willing to expand our minds to go beyond what we’re willing to/capable of doing. Our mind is the key to unlocking many of the limitations we face daily.

This was pretty much random. Just thoughts running through my mind that I wanted to share. There may be so many more people who had this same thought but there are only so many of us who are willing to break the silence barrier. Hopefully this can be a bit of encouragement when you feel like your life is spiraling out of control. 


“It’s almost serene…”, she whispered to him.

His eyes watered, “What?”

“Change.” Her hand slipped away from his. Her soul gone to him forever.


Love and Light,



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